Young Conservatives

Young Conservatives (YC) is the largest youth exclusive political organisation in the UK, with over 15,000 members aged 25 or younger that have joined from every area across the country.

YC is all about involving young people in politics and addressing the issues that matter to them.

Young Conservatives runs a range of exclusive events and activities, from policy discussions to social gatherings. Many of these are organised by individual Branches, which are based in cities, constituencies and on campuses. Members of Young Conservatives also have the opportunity to get involved in campaign activity supporting and standing as Conservative candidates in elections at all levels, from student politics to Westminster.

South Staffordshire Conservative Association enjoys a vibrant and dynamic Young Conservatives Branch. Membership requires a minimum payment of £5 per year.

You will be entitled to everything that a Branch Membership provides. Young Conservatives will be your primary membership Branch, but you will also obtain a secondary membership to your Local Branch, with all of the appropriate voting rights that accompany this. You will also have the additional benefit of:

  • Being able to attend YC events in other constituencies.

To become a member of Young Conservatives you must be aged 25 or younger when you sign up. Young Conservatives will be your primary membership but you will also obtain a secondary membership to your local branch with all of the appropriate voting rights that accompany this.

If you are interested in joining please see the "how to join" section of our membership page. If you are 26 years old or older you will need to get a full membership or a Westminster Club membership.

Our exclusive YC Branch gives our young SSCA members with strong Conservative views a better chance to be heard. We also host YC exclusive events throughout the year.

If you have any questions, or you would like to find out more information about:

  • Young Conservatives
  • SSCA's Young Conservatives Branch
  • Membership
  • Events

Please contact our Young Conservatives Chairman Ashley Smith on 07505 292454 or at