Robert Reade

Robert Reade is the Branch Chairman for the SSCA's Lower Penn & Castlecroft Branch.

Kirstin Ewart

Kirstin Ewart is the Vice Chairman - Events & Fundraising for the South Staffordshire Conservative Association.

Cllr Jo Chapman

Jo Chapman is a Conservative District Councillor for Penkridge West.

Pattingham & Patshull Branch Chairman

The Branch Chairman Position for the SSCA's Pattingham & Patshull Branch is currently vacant. Please direct any queries relating to this Branch to the SSCA's Office.

Conservative Policy Forum (CPF) Chairman

The Conservative Policy Forum (CPF) Chairman Position for the South Staffordshire Conservative Association is currently vacant. Please direct any queries relating to the CPF to the SSCA's Office.

Phil Davis

Phil Davis is the Branch Chairman for the SSCA's Perton Branch.

Matt Ewart

Matt Ewart is the Branch Chairman for the SSCA Westminster Club (WC) Branch.