Wendi Sutton

Wendi Sutton is the Branch Chairman for the SSCA's Brewood & Coven Branch.

Cllr Megan Barrow

Megan Barrow is a Conservative District Councillor for Codsall North.

Robert Reade

Robert Reade is the President of the South Staffordshire Conservative Association.

Cllr Leonard Bates

Leonard Bates is a Conservative District Councillor for Penkridge North East & Acton Trussell.

Paul Wright

Paul Wright is the Office Administrator for the South Staffordshire Conservative Association.

Val Chapman

Val Chapman is the Branch Chairman for the SSCA's Codsall & Bilbrook Branch.

Cllr Bernard Williams

Bernard Williams is a Staffordshire County Councillor for Cheslyn Hay, Essington & Great Wyrley.