"News You Can Use" - November 2017.

This article was kindly given to the SSCA by Philip Atkins OBE, Leader of Staffordshire County Council (philip.atkins@staffordshire.gov.uk).

In this month’s edition of "News You can Use" (available for downloading by clicking on the attachment at the bottom of this article)...

  • Tributes Follow Death of Staffordshire County Councillor
  • Getting down to business expansion and creating more jobs
  • Drawing New Investors to the Area
  • The county council’s performance
  • Marking National Adoption Week in Staffordshire
  • Something close to our hearts - good food and beverages
  • Unlocking the power of the Cloud
  • Appeal underway to keep Leekfrith Torcs in Staffordshire
  • The Facts - The Economy is 15.2% bigger than in 2010 - More Midwives in the NHS


Philip Atkins OBE

Leader of Staffordshire County Council


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