My plan to unleash Britain’s potential.

This article has been kindly given to the SSCA by Prime Minister Boris Johnson via e-mail (

Better hospitals. Safer streets. World-class schools. Let’s get Brexit done so we can deliver our manifesto.

Parliament spent the last three years going round in circles - and getting nothing done.

You’re frustrated. I get it. So am I.

Why are Labour promising the chaos of a second referendum - when there are people waiting three weeks for a GP appointment?

Why are the Lib Dems fixated on the past - when there are people who don’t feel safe on their streets?

Why are politicians still bickering - when there are kids in schools being left behind?

Our manifesto is a guarantee to you. No more uncertainty. No more arguments. We’ll get Brexit done with our deal - and get on with the country’s priorities.

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Our deal is ready to go. And every single one of our candidates has pledged to vote for it. That’s because it protects jobs and trade. And it means we can get on with the country’s priorities.

£33.9 billion extra for the NHS and 50 million more GP appointments. So you can see a doctor when you need to, not three weeks after you need to.

20,000 more police and tougher sentencing for criminals. So no matter where you live, you can feel safe when you walk home at night.

More funding for every pupil in every school. So every single child gets a better education, no matter where they go to school.

An Australian-style points-based immigration system. So we can take back control of our borders.

Cutting your taxes. So we can help cut your cost of living.

Labour’s manifesto would unleash more arguments. Our manifesto will unleash Britain’s potential. So why not take a look - and share it with a friend?

Read our manifesto

Yours sincerely,

Boris Johnson

Prime Minister

P.S. The only way to deliver on our plan to unleash Britain’s potential is with a Conservative majority in the next Parliament. Will you chip in to our Campaign Fighting Fund today?