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Dates & Locations of SSCA AGM's - 2018.

The below table shows all of our members the dates and locations of our AGM's for this year.

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"News You Can Use" - November 2017.

This is the November 2017 edition of the Staffordshire County Council Conservative Group's "News You Can Use" Newspaper.

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Brexit Briefing No. 22 - "The EU after Brexit" (Week Beginning 15th January 2018).

There were no formal Brexit negotiations this week but the European Parliament was meeting in Strasbourg and both Commission President Jean Claude Junker and Council President Donald Tusk addressed MEPs.

They both said that they were open to the UK staying in the EU, but crucially they did not propose any looser arrangement or concessions to the UK which might encourage it to stay. Their message was essentially you can stay, but only on our terms, and behind the scenes briefings have indicated they would seek to remove the UK budget rebate if such an eventuality occurred. Without any concessions to a reformed relationship there is no realistic likelihood the UK will reverse its position.

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