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Unemployment Briefing - July 2018.

The latest unemployment claimant figures for July have been released today and show our Conservative number one priority of having a productive Staffordshire economy continues to work.

The latest position shows a positive picture with Staffordshire’s unemployment claimant count rate remaining low and unchanged at 1.3%. The monthly rate also remains lower than both the national and regional picture.

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Daniel Dalton MEP's Travel Factsheet - 2018 Edition.

Holidays should be relaxing and something to look back on with a great deal of pleasure, but sometimes practical problems can ruin the enjoyment.

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Brexit Briefing No. 47 - Parliamentary Arithmetic and No Deal Planning (Week Beginning 16th July 2018).

The summer months are quiet ones in Brussels, as the European institutions effectively close down. The Parliament is on recess, there are few Council meetings and the Commission work effectively shuts down until the end of August. 

So for the next month or so there will be little in the way of Brexit negotiations after Dominic Raab and Michel Barnier meet for the first time this week.

However in London, itself only a week away from recess, the temperature has been rising to temperatures not seen since the mid 1970s, both inside and outside the Parliament.

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