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Brexit Briefing No. 63: What Comes Next (Week Beginning 3rd December 2018).

After months of seemingly endless negotiations, the Brexit process enters its most crucial phase next week when British MP's vote on the withdrawal agreement.

Predictions about British politics are hard to make these days, however it is certain that significant numbers of MP's will oppose the deal. At the time of writing it looks highly likely that it will be rejected.

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A decisive step forward towards Brexit.

We’ve made a decisive step forward towards Brexit.

A draft deal that delivers on the referendum and will see us take back control of our money, laws and borders.

It will end freedom of movement while protecting jobs, security and our precious Union.

And it means no hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland. Guaranteed in a way which respects the constitutional and economic integrity of the UK.

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Local MEP wins reprieve for trail bikes and mobility scooters.

Brussels, 29th November - West Midlands MEP Daniel Dalton today secured endorsement from the European Parliament for plans to ensure trail bikes and mobility scooters can continue in production whilst new environmental standards are developed.

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Move to re-open weedkiller case attacked by Conservative MEP.

Conservative MEP Anthea McIntyre today condemned moves to re-open the decision to licence the world's most popular weedkiller for use in the European Union.

The European Parliament's Special Committee on Pesticides wants the issue to be reassessed just 12 months after Glyphosate was licensed for five years by EU member states. The call is among a raft of recommendations produced by the temporary committee aimed at overhauling pesticide licensing system.

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