About Us

Prior to the 1983 General Election (Thursday 9th June 1983) the South Staffordshire Conservative Association was known as the South West Staffordshire Conservative Association, which reflected the name of a constituency that was established for the 1970 General Election.

  1. The Association's first premises were in Chapel Lane, Codsall.
  2. In 1976 the Association moved to premises co-located with the Codsall Conservative Club at “The Firs”, close to Station Road.
  3. The next move was to an office in the centre of Codsall at 4 Station Road, on 2nd January 2016.
  4. The most recent move in 2021 was to an office at Jubilee House, 59 Wolverhampton Road, Codsall, WV8 1PL, premises co-located with the constituency office of The Rt. Hon. Sir Gavin Williamson C.B.E. M.P.

The office is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:30 to 1:30. An Office Administrator is employed by the Association; a volunteer looks after Office Management.

The Association has 10 Branches across the constituency. Branches undertake a range of activities including fundraising by running events, and playing a part in local and national elections. Candidate selection, and campaigning, are nominally a responsibility of Branches.

Overall responsibility for running the Association rests with a team of “Officers”, each with a specific role (Political, Treasurer, Membership, Events & Fundraising) plus a Chairman and a President. A second tier is the Executive Council, made up of the Officers and representatives of the Branches. All major decisions concerning the Association are put before the Executive Council.

We hold one Association AGM and 8 Branch AGM's once a year. Only members are invited. The Executive Council is responsible for organizing the date, time and paperwork, and the Office Administrator is responsible for sending the paperwork out. The details of upcoming AGM's are put on our website.

We have a set of Association Rules, but they are not for public viewing and only members can request to see them. Adoptions to the Association Rules are decided by the Executive Council and are proposed at AGM's. If adoptions are to be made then a copy of the old rules is sent to members before said AGM's.

Current membership of the Association is approximately 400 members. In addition, the Association has a number of “Friends” - individuals who do not pay the minimum subscription, but wish to uphold Conservative values and offer support. Friends are able to enjoy the social part of Association activities, but are not allowed to have a vote at AGM's.

The Objectives of the Association Shall Be As Follows:

  1. To sustain and promote the objects and values of the party in the Parliamentary constituency of South Staffordshire
  2. To provide an effective campaigning organisation in the constituency
  3. To secure the return of conservative candidates at elections
  4. To raise the necessary funds to achieve these objectives
  5. To contribute to the central funds of the Party