About Us

South West Staffordshire Constituency formed in 1974 from parts of the former constituencies of Brierley Hill and Cannock. Following the aftermath of The UK's 1983 General Election that took place on Thursday 9th June 1983, the South West Staffordshire Constituency was abolished and the South Staffordshire Constituency was created (although technically speaking this was just a name change).

This led to the the creation of the South Staffordshire Conservative Association, since a new Association was needed to support all of the Conservative Party Members in this brand new Constituency.

Since its creation the SSCA has changed locations several times. Currently we are based in a small office (address at bottom right of this page) that is run via a combination of 1 part-time Office Administrator and many different volunteers (all of which have varying roles within the Association). The Association is managed by its Executive Officers (elected annually) and is supported by its Local Branches (each of which is led by an annually elected Branch Chairman).

As a political organisation, we are constantly engaged in political activities aimed at achieving 1 or more of our 3 clearly defined political goals:

  1. To support the Conservative Party's Candidate/M.P. for South Staffordshire Constituency, to advertise their activities and to assist with their election campaigns to become/stay its M.P.
  2. To support all of the Conservative Candidates for South Staffordshire Parish/District/County Council and to assist in their elections.
  3. To support all of the Conservative Party Members in South Staffordshire (the SSCA's Members) by offering to create/renew their memberships, hosting and advertising various events for them, and hosting Annual General Meetings for them.