About Us

The South Staffordshire Conservative Association was, prior to 1983, known as the South West Staffordshire Conservative Association which reflected the name of a constituency that was established for the 1970 General Election.

The Association's first premises were in Chapel Lane, Codsall. In 1976 the Association moved to premises co-located with the Codsall Conservative Club at “The Firs” close to Station Road. The most recent move was to the present office in the centre of Codsall at 4 Station Road.

The office is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:30 to 1:30. An Office Administrator is employed by the Association; a volunteer looks after office management.

The Association has 8 Branches across the constituency. Branches undertake a range of activities including fundraising by running events, and playing a part in local and national elections. Candidate selection, and campaigning, are nominally a responsibility of branches.

Overall responsibility for running the Association rests with a team of “Officers”, each with a specific role (Political, Treasurer, Membership and Fundraising) and a Chairman. A second tier is the Executive Council, made up of the officers and representatives of the branches.  All major decisions concerning the Association are put before the Executive Council.

Current membership of the Association is over 400. In addition, the Association has a number of “Friends” - individuals who do not pay the minimum subscription, but wish to uphold Conservative values and offer support. Friends are able to enjoy the social part of Association activities, but do not have a vote at meetings.

As a political organisation, we are constantly engaged in political activities aimed at achieving 1 or more of our 3 clearly defined political goals:

1. To support the Conservative Party's Candidate or M.P. for South Staffordshire Constituency, to advertise their activities and to assist with their election campaigns to become or stay its M.P.

2. To support all of the Conservative Candidates for South Staffordshire Parish, District and County Council and to assist in their elections.

3. To support all of our members by:

  • Creating and renewing their memberships.
  • Hosting various events for them to enjoy.
  • Hosting Annual General Meetings (AGM's) for them to attend.